Taking care of yourself this holiday season

For many, this holiday season brings grief, pain, and sadness, more so than holiday seasons past. On top of that, many individuals are also deeply effected by seasonal depression disorder, a mood disorder that occurs during the coldest, darkest parts of the year and comes with moments of immense despair and fatigue. Thus, this holiday season, we at the Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy, are encouraging others, as well as trying to implement ourselves, a holiday season of safety and self-care.

With the increasing numbers of lives lost to the pandemic, it is imperative that above all else, keep yourself, your loved ones, and the broader community safe by social distancing and wearing masks. In addition to physical well-being, the holidays also are a time where we must find ways to also maintain our emotional well-being, as this time of the year can be overwhelming, anxiety-inducing, and even triggering. As such, the following are a few of many simple ways you can take care of yourself in the 2021 holiday season:

  • Don’t be afraid to say no
  • Respect your budget
  • Only decorate using the things you love
  • Find intentional ways to relax
  • Take a walk or enjoy the outdoors
  • Do something unconventional
  • Under-commit yourself

By just adopting a few of these tips, you can have a safe and simple holiday. The Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy wishes you all a happiest, and most rested and well-balanced, holiday season.

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