Rest: Giving yourself the gift of gratitude

This holiday season, we believe that the person who is in the greatest need of gratitude is you. Here at the Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy, we believe that the best way to show yourself some gratitude is through rest. In a world that is constantly moving, even after almost two years of being in a global pandemic, rest is exactly what we all need this year.

Depending on who you are and what you need during this time, resting can be whatever you need it to be. Rest include physical rest, spiritual rest, emotional rest, mental rest, social rest, sensory rest, and creative rest. Sensory rest can be taking a break from Zoom or social media, social rest can be choosing to stay home and spend some time with yourself over a weekend, mental rest can be taking a sick day from work to treat your mental health, and creative rest can be passing on the next project, task, and opportunity. No matter what the type of rest you seek, rest can and should be a time where you are doing what you need to do in order to be a whole and functioning human being. So for the holidays, we, the Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy, challenge you to take some time to express gratitude to yourself by taking the rest you and your body desperately need.

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