Amber Cheney

Every person has a voice and Amber believes it is important for that voice to be heard. Relationships can be messy and complicated. Our voices can often feel lost in the chaos. She works with clients to help them be, and feel, heard. In addition, she believes that no two experiences are the same. This means that even siblings raised together will have different perspectives and experiences of their childhood. These differences can lead people to define the world differently than others around them. Amber helps clients to identify these differences and explore the behavioral and emotional impact they have on current relationships. The hope is that through understanding and appreciating the individuality that all clients bring into therapy, each client can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Children have a very unique view of the world and their experiences in it. In some instances, this view can make it challenging for children to interact with the people around them. As adults, it can be difficult to understand what a child is trying to communicate when their development level does not allow them to put their thoughts or feelings into words. Amber will work with children, at their level, to encourage them to feel safe and understood as they share their experiences. She helps children to know that their feelings are valid and to process these feelings in healthy ways that can lead to improved development. She will also work with the families, when appropriate, to develop interaction skills and encourage healthy relationships with their child(ren).

Adolescents are experiencing one of the most challenging life stages as they learn to navigate relationships and their world, while questioning and exploring everything they have been taught up to this point. This time period can be overwhelming and can lead to feelings of helplessness, anger, depression, isolation, and so much more. In working with adolescents, she will focus on teaching them to have compassion for themselves because life is hard, and figuring out how to navigate it takes a lot of trial and error. Amber will also help them understand that they have the power to change and grow in infinite ways, even though they may often feel stuck. She works with families, when appropriate, to learn healthy habits and communication styles that can assist them in supporting and understanding the adolescent.

Individual Therapy

Admitting you need help can be scary and overwhelming for some. Amber’s goal is to help alleviate client stress by getting to know you as an individual. She believes each person brings a unique story into the therapy room and she hopes to create an environment in which you can feel comfortable sharing your story in an open and honest way. Through this trust and vulnerability, she can work with you to explore and process your experiences, so they become manageable. She can work to help you to identify unwanted or unhelpful habits and create positive alternatives.

Couples Therapy

All couples experience conflict in their relationship at some point. Conflict is a normal and expected occurrence as two individuals learn to live with each other. How the couple works through and resolves conflict is an important factor in relationship health. Amber works with couples to improve communication and connection. Through this work, common goals can be identified and the process can begin to repair damage in the relationship.


Veterans and their families share a culture and life experiences that can be difficult for civilians to understand. Many military families struggle through the adjustments on their own, believing there is no one who can understand. As the wife of a veteran who was deployed early in their relationship, Amber has a valuable understanding of the military experience and the challenges that come from spouses and families being separated. Amber can help couples reconnect to find a new version of normal. She works with veterans and their families to process the changes that come during those unavoidable times of separation. She helps couples to rebuild trust and connection through communication, transparency, and learning to navigate conflict.


Amber is an LAMFT and has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northern University (formerly Northcentral University).

Insurance and Scheduling

BCBS and Aetna insurance plans are accepted.  For clients without insurance, her fee is $115/session.  She has immediate evening and weekend appointments available. You can schedule an appointment by selecting the Schedule Now button, by emailing, or by calling (480) 787-0361.


3048 E. Baseline Rd, Suite 117,
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide counseling, education, and support to individuals, couples and families. To offer a safe environment for them to heal from hurt and overcome challenges in order to lead healthier, happier lives. In addition, to help clients develop the skills necessary to foster and build strong secure connections in their daily lives.

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