Mental Health

Talking to your Children about Trauma & School Shootings

For the last several years, it feels like violence in the United States has been non-stop. These last several weeks especially have been fatal and the violence against women, children, and communities across the world has felt inescapable at times. With the recent school shooting in Texas, we at the Arizona Center For Marriage and …

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You are enough.

The term “self-care” should sound familiar as it has been among the latest phrases that have grown popular in our current culture. Although self-care is important for healing and rejuvenation, what does it have to do with self-love?Similar to self-care, self-love is an intentional mindset and practice that consistently recognizes and accepts oneself as a …

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Trauma & the Body

Whether someone drowns in 7 feet of water or 20 feet of water, that person is still drowned. This analogy is often used to demonstrate the impacts and effects of trauma, meaning that traumatic experiences happen to many of us and how you react and respond to those experiences will look differently. You should never …

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