The Highly Sensitive Person

Have you ever wondered to yourself “Why am I feeling so many emotions? Why am I feeling this so intensely? Am I crazy for feeling this?” You are not crazy; you may be a highly sensitive person.

Sensitivity and emotionality have been demonized in the world around us. It is not uncommon to hear people say “Stop being so sensitive” or “You’re being too dramatic.” First, it is important to recognize that feeling and expressing emotions is part of our existence as human beings. Second, the ability to recognize and express emotions is a sign of strength and courage. Feelings and emotions and the intensity in which we feel them is on a continuum, each of us feel emotions differently and that is okay.

If you are someone who experiences emotions more intensely than those around you, you might be someone who is highly sensitive. Being a highly sensitive person directly affects the way you see the world and how you move around in the world. Additionally, high sensitivity allows you to be more empathetic and conscientious of the feelings and experiences of those around you. Finally, being highly sensitive may cause you to have intense feelings of sadness but it also causes you to have intense feelings of joy.

Wonder if you are highly sensitive or where you might land on the sensitivity continuum? Check out the article that inspired this post here and also for more information on being highly sensitive.

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