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Supporting your struggling teen

Almost half of teens in the United States are dealing with a mental health concern, and this does not include the pressure and struggles teens face every day. In fact, these last several years have been particularly difficult, especially for teens, who have faced and continue to face challenges generations before have never had to […]

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Finding beauty within

There are so many things in the world around us that make it difficult to feel good about ourselves. Not only do we see tremendous loss and pain happening on an international level, but it seems like each day brings more confusion and uncertainty for all of us. When the world is so ugly, how

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Couples therapy from home

At the Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy, we believe that the benefits of therapy can be accessed anywhere, even in your own home. One of our goals as a Center is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to strengthen your relationships anytime, anywhere; meaning, whether in session with our therapists or

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Trauma & the Body

Whether someone drowns in 7 feet of water or 20 feet of water, that person is still drowned. This analogy is often used to demonstrate the impacts and effects of trauma, meaning that traumatic experiences happen to many of us and how you react and respond to those experiences will look differently. You should never

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