Has the pandemic affected your relationship?

The moment we find ourselves in has been tremendously difficult, especially as we continue to experience unforeseen loss or change. Our relationships in particular can be an area in our lives in which we find ourselves in new situations with our partners that we never expected. This can look like being home with your partner 24/7 to becoming the sole provider for your family. As a result, it may feel like you and your partner are fighting more or struggling to communicate, causing you feel even more isolated and disconnected during this pandemic.

During crises such as this, it is imperative that you and your partner highlight the issues that you are experiencing, validate each other’s feelings that have come with change and loss, and identify ways each of you better accommodate and support each other. The following are steps you and your partner can take to improve your communication and strengthen your relationship during this pandemic.

Re-prioritize needs and goals

Maintain connection and conversation

Rely on rewards and positive motivations

Highlight the sacred and special

Build trust and commitment

Engage problem-solving and forgiveness

For more information on the steps highlighted above, you can find the article here.

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