10 ways to help your relationship go the distance

Many of us have felt incredible strain these last couple of years and have seen the effects of this strain not only in our lives but also in our relationships. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time in which people have grown closer together or they have torn farther apart. For those who are currently struggling to keep their relationships in tact know the difficulties of trying to take care of yourself while also taking care of and supporting your partner. For those who are seeking out and just beginning to form relationships with others know how hard it can be to navigate and set appropriate boundaries with a new significant other. Finally, for those who are seeking new and creatives ways to sustain and enrich their relationship with their life-partner know the patience and resilience required to maintain a life-long relationship.

These different stages and contexts for relationships mentioned above all have something in common, they involve individuals who care for one another and want to build a life together. And although all relationships will go through the rollercoaster of life, there are some key steps you can take at any time to strengthen and heal your relationships, no matter what obstacles you may be facing or what stage your relationship is in. In implementing the following actions and strategies, this will give your relationship the foundation needed to go the distance.

Get together because you love each other

Prioritize physical intimacy

Discuss your different roles in the relationship

Create space for individual self-care

Remember the importance of personal space

Anticipate change and growth

Set realistic expectations

Never lose or stop showing respect

Don’t be afraid to dive into the things that hurt

Learn to let things go

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