Simple ways you can build emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy is being able to deeply connect with others through actions that express intimate feelings, vulnerability, and trust and is a critical aspect of nurturing and sustaining relationships with loved ones. This is because it is through showing your partner or loved who you truly are and allowing them to see you as well as being brave enough to let yourself be seen is the foundation for authentic and long-lasting relationships. Emotional intimacy also is closely tied to physical and sexual intimacy as each provide important opportunities to convey true and meaningful love for your partner.

However, as is with all things that are important, emotional intimacy comes with time, patience, and intentionality. Sustaining emotional intimacy is a life long journey in which you should constantly reflect on ways to better love your partner and better ways to convey and edify that love. If you are seeking to build or improve emotional intimacy with your partner or loved ones, the following are some ways you can immediately incorporate in your life:

Identify intentional ways you can be vulnerable with your partner to convey & earn their trust

Give your partner daily affirmations, compliments, & positive feedback to indicate how much you value & appreciate them

Prioritize and advocate for your sexual satisfaction to your partner & encourage them to as well

Make an effort to break out of the monotony & the day-to-day routine to shake things up with your partner

These are just a few examples of ways you can foster emotional intimacy; but whatever you do, just remember it is through the small and simple acts in which you build a strong foundation for your relationship to rest upon.

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