Turning conflict into connection

All couples experience conflicts and fight; it is inherent to the process of building a life with someone. However, some conflicts are for the better and some are for worse, depending on what is said, how you and your partner treat each other. However, the key to turning conflicts with your significant other into an …

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Couples therapy from home

At the Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy, we believe that the benefits of therapy can be accessed anywhere, even in your own home. One of our goals as a Center is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to strengthen your relationships anytime, anywhere; meaning, whether in session with our therapists or …

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Is there such thing as “enough” physical intimacy?

Physical intimacy in a relationship is not just about sex or sexual activities, its about learning how to deeply satisfy and pleasure your partner while also being deeply satisfied and pleasured by your partner. Physical intimacy includes a delicate touch, a longing look, and an understanding of what your partner needs as well as what …

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