Is there such thing as “enough” physical intimacy?

Physical intimacy in a relationship is not just about sex or sexual activities, its about learning how to deeply satisfy and pleasure your partner while also being deeply satisfied and pleasured by your partner. Physical intimacy includes a delicate touch, a longing look, and an understanding of what your partner needs as well as what you need. However, physical intimacy is not something that just happens or comes about when you enter a relationship with someone; but rather, physical intimacy requires time and commitment from both partners to foster and develop.

If you are currently struggling with physical intimacy with your partner, you are not alone. In a world filled with images and ideas of what it means to be sexy and sexual, it can be difficult to know what physical intimacy should look and feel like in your relationship as well as the extent you should be intimate with your partner. Know that how and when you are intimate should be a decision made by you and your partner, enough physical intimacy is when you and your partner are on the same page about what you need and want. The following are guidelines pulled from a recent article that outline some helpful tips on strengthening physical intimacy with your partner today:

Explore and be aware of what you need

Use touch as a form of communication

Talk explicitly about touch with your partner

Provide touch and affection often, not just right before sex

Normalize the physical intimacy that you do have

If your craving touch, then you probably need it

Utilize and engage in authentic & natural touching

You and your partner know yourselves better than anyone else and thus know how best to meet each others needs. If you are seeking more guidance, please visit our Sex Therapy page and book an appointment with one of our therapists today!

For more information, on the article that inspired this post, click here.

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