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One of the greatest sources of conflicts and dissatisfaction in marriages is the couple’s sexual relationship. This can be caused by differences in sexual desire, or the result of unresolved conflict and resentment in the relationship. We seek to help couples improve their sexual intimacy by helping them enhance their emotional connection and sexual communication.

Pornography addiction and engaging in other problematic sexual behaviors (e.g. sexting, strip clubs, massage parlors, sexual contact with other people) can be another source of conflict and pain in a couple’s relationship. We work with individuals and couples to address these behaviors, to restore trust and to heal as a couple. Often times this includes a combination of individual therapy and couples therapy.

When a person discovers their spouse engaging in sexual behaviors outside their relationship it is very traumatic. In fact it is referred to as a betrayal trauma, due to the betrayal of trust and commitment.

Our therapists at the Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy help partners to deal with the overwhelming and devastating impact that such a discovery can have. Therapy can help to make sense of what has happened, help heal and figure out how to move forward.

Therapists who provide sex therapy services


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