When the little things are the big things

Sometimes, we can become increasingly consumed with our day to day tasks and responsibilities. It almost feels like we have blinders to everything around us as we get overwhelmed with the stresses of life. Then, in one moment, we are brought back to reality, through a made bed, a thoughtful note, a homemade meal, or a clean home. We encounter something that may seem small or insignificant, but it reminds us that we are loved and cared for by the people around us.

In reminiscing on moments where we have felt important and cared for, let us remember that we can also create these moments for our loved ones. Through simple gestures, you can be the person that helps your loved ones know they are special and that they matter. Because it is in the little things, that we are reminded of the big things: loving and being loved. The following are some examples of ways others have felt loved and cared for by their partner:

“I was stressed… last night and they just asked what they could do to help

“fixing the straps on my favorite bag

“putting away the left over dinner when I fell asleep on the couch

always kisses me first thing when he walks in

checked in on me with a cute meme and reminded me she loves me

encouraging me to spend some time on self care

“taking the time to move the heater into the living room during the day

took all the kids to the park so I could nap

For more examples of the little things you can do for your loved ones, click here.

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