You are enough.

The term “self-care” should sound familiar as it has been among the latest phrases that have grown popular in our current culture. Although self-care is important for healing and rejuvenation, what does it have to do with self-love?Similar to self-care, self-love is an intentional mindset and practice that consistently recognizes and accepts oneself as a whole, although imperfect, human being. Self-love involves personal empowerment, creating space and being gentle with yourself, building self-esteem and self-gratitude, and recognizing that who you are and how you show up is enough.

In our current world though, it feels like self-care is getting easier but self-love is getting harder; so, how we do we foster self-love? First, express curiosity, rather than judgment for your feelings and actions. This begins by recognizing that everyone makes mistakes, and that mistakes are just opportunities to learn and grow. Exploring and naming your values, desire and motivations is also key to self-love. When you know your authentic self and your intentions, you can maintain trust in and love for yourself, no matter the situation. This also results in greater understanding and patience in yourself when missteps occur. In creating positive self esteem and identifying your personal values, you can then recognize your own personal power, leading to not only a radical acceptance of yourself, but of those around you as well. As stated in the article that inspire this post:

“Everything that can help you to thrive as a human being, to feel substantial, empowered and free, is all inside of you.”

It is through loving yourself that you can experience healing, forgiveness, and freedom, and give those around you permission and inspiration to do so too.

For more information on the article that inspired this post, click here.

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