Finding strength in family

The events of 2020 have put families through the wringer, especially as every member of the family has experienced dramatic changes to their daily lives. The coronavirus alone has torn families apart as frontline workers have been forced to isolate from loved ones and those who have lost their lives to the virus have died in the hospital, separated from family. It is through this collective tragedy though, that some individuals and families have been able to grow closer and stronger as we support one another and cherish the blessings of health and time. Coming out of the pandemic and returning to life as we knew it before will take time, but that moment will come, we will get through this.

Families are the source of support individuals need to face the challenges of life as well as the source of how we understand and frame our difficult experiences as it relates to the trajectory of our lives. Thus, as we enter 2021, families are a critical place for modeling and promoting hope and resilience as we continue to navigate the current world we find ourselves in. In the coming months, spend intentional quality time with loved ones and family and use those moments to identify ways you can better support and love one another. Talk with family members about what the future brings, and encourage one another to be patient and kind as we face these uncertain times together.

However, it is also important to acknowledge though, that the pandemic has also placed immense strain relationships, especially with our families. At the Arizona Center for Marriage and Family Therapy, we believe that the quality of our lives are directly affected by the quality of our relationships. If you and your family are struggling, check out our page Family Therapy, where you can find resources on family and family therapy as well as a list of our therapists who can offer you and your family some support.

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  1. The past year has been particularly hard on my family and we are considering going to family therapy. I love you mentioning that it’s important to talk with family members about the future. We are hoping to find a local clinic for family counselling that will listen to us and help us with our struggles.

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