Family Therapy

Finding strength in family

The events of 2020 have put families through the wringer, especially as every member of the family has experienced dramatic changes to their daily lives. The coronavirus alone has torn families apart as frontline workers have been forced to isolate from loved ones and those who have lost their lives to the virus have died …

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Seeking Attunement

When we talk about relationships, we focus and frame that establishing and maintaining relationships is built on attachment. Attachment can be defined as the emotional bond developed between two people (e.g. child and caregiver) and is something that develops and changes throughout our lives as we connect and create relationships. Establishing attachment with another person …

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Parenting during a Covid Summer

With the world being flipped upside down, our families have faced the greatest changes, uncertainties, and anxieties with the onset of the pandemic. We know that families with children involved in school and various extra-curricular activities have specifically experienced drastic changes in day to day living, with each of us feeling the weight of being …

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