College students and addiction– a resource guide

As we face stressful moments, it is easy to feel like we do not have control over anything in our lives. Stressful moments in life not only come from the unexpected challenges or crises that arise but also from major life transitions, something we all experience in this life. One way folks feel like they have a sense of control, cope, or escape from the stress is by using drugs and alcohol. This becomes problematic though when drugs and alcohol is being used excessively to the point that it disrupts individuals ability to function and they become addicted.

This pattern is particularly relevant to those facing one of the biggest transitions in life– going from teenage-hood to adulthood. For many, this transition involves going off to college or university and moving out of their parents home. This transition in life is huge and particularly stressful, especially with all of the challenges and pressures young adults are facing today. To aid young adults who are facing addiction, or those who may know and love someone who is, check out this community resource guide here. In this guide you will find information on substance abuse among college students, including prevalence rates, the substances young adults are coming into contact with, the signs and consequences of this type of addiction, and the options available for those seeking treatment.

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