Supporting your struggling teen

Almost half of teens in the United States are dealing with a mental health concern, and this does not include the pressure and struggles teens face every day. In fact, these last several years have been particularly difficult, especially for teens, who have faced and continue to face challenges generations before have never had to face. As such, it can feel daunting when it comes to helping and supporting your teen and painful to see them suffering. First, know that your child will get through it and that learning to talk about and address mental health concerns is a natural, and important, part of life. Indeed, to help you get started, below are some tips on navigating how best to support your struggling teen:

Before going immediately into problem-solving mode, start with trying to understand your teen’s perspective first.

When problem-solving with your teen, try to work alongside and collaboratively with them.

Look at the big picture of your teen’s behavior.

Encourage and validate your teen’s positive behavior and choices.

If you both decide therapy might be helpful, work with your teen to find a therapist they can make a strong connection with.

In using these strategies, you can help your struggling teen get the support they need to face their mental health concerns head on. If you are in need of help in navigating your teens mental health concerns, many of our therapists are more than happy and qualified to help. Head on over to their profiles here for more information and to schedule an appointment today!

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  1. I loved that you stressed the importance of understanding your teen’s perspective. My daughter has been struggling with her mental health for almost a year now. I know she’s really struggling, so I’d like to find her a counselor if I can.

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