Supporting Loved Ones Through Addiction

The phrase, and common metaphor, “put your mask on before you help those around you” is used for frequently for a reason, you cannot help the people in your life unless you yourself are okay. When supporting a loved one through addiction and recovery, this analogy is really important to adhere to in order to sustain your relationship. If you aren’t creating space for yourself and ensuring that your needs are also being met, it can take a serious toll on your mental health and your relationship with your partner. By doing these things, you can support your partner during their time of need while also providing a foundation for your relationship to remain satisfying while also maintaining your own wellbeing.

The following were highlighted in a recent Psychology Today article as strategies for prioritizing your health while helping a loved one through addiction or recovery:

Set boundaries

Practice self-care

Educate yourself

Get outside input

Consider co-occuring disorders

Try immediate rewards

Be patient

Stay safe

For more information on the article highlighted in this post, click here.

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