Connor Stark

Throughout the therapy process, Connor brings awareness to negative patterns of interaction as well as create an atmosphere that allows for more openness, honesty, and opportunities to build intimacy. He believes that when people allow themselves to be truly vulnerable and open about the issues they are experiencing, that more fulfilling interactions with others will follow.

It is his primary goal to create a warm, nurturing atmosphere in the therapy room so that every client feels heard, acknowledged and empowered to tackle the challenges they are facing. Connor firmly believes that by fostering an empathic and open environment that the right therapeutic approach to enact change can take place. He is especially interested in helping his clients utilize empathic listening, as well as perspective taking to achieve greater change and improve their quality of life.

Marriage & Family Therapy

Connor understands how complex and challenging relationships can be. This has helped him develop a unique perspective on the different ways couples and families engage with one another. Working collaboratively with clients, he finds the best treatment modality to help them develop healthy and satisfying relationships. He works especially well with couples who need help to grow within their relationships, and want to reignite the spark that once brought them together.

Therapy with Individuals

As someone who has worked with both individual and couples, Connor realizes that the needs of individuals sometimes have to be addressed before relational enhancement can take place. He recognizes intrapsychic processes and enjoys working with individuals to help achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

Work with Adolescents

Connor has extensive experience working with adolescents. For the past several years, he spent time working as a high school substitute teacher, a camp counselor, and then coached basketball.  Each of these experiences enhanced his ability to interact and connect with teens on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Background & Training

Connor is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in working with teenagers, adults, and couples.  He has a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Master’s degree in Family and Human Development from Arizona State University. He also has an undergraduate degree in Psychology.  His education gives him a strong background and understanding of how relationships work and how to make them better.  He utilizes a systemic based framework to focus on complex issues that contribute to dysfunction amongst family members.  In addition he draws on his psychology background to understand the unique needs of individuals within the family.

Others areas of focus that can be addressed in therapy:

  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Setting boundaries with others
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Honing personal strengths
  • Conflict resolution
  • Learning to develop healthy communication strategies
  • Processing difficult or traumatic experiences
  • Men’s issues
  • Life Cycle Transitions
  • Enhancing parenting strategies
  • Increasing awareness towards generational patterns of interaction
  • Issues pertaining to Identity/Self worth
  • Empowerment through accountability
  • Mindfulness/relaxation strategies
  • Health & Wellness
  • Transition to young adulthood

Insurance, Fees, and Scheduling

Connor accepts Aetna and Blue cross/Blue Shield insurance. For clients without insurance, his rate is 90 dollars for a therapeutic hour.

He will also be available for evening and weekend appointments.

To schedule, you can email Connor at, call him at (480)-744-1008, or use the Schedule Now tab above to book online.


3048 E. Baseline Rd, Suite 117,
Mesa, AZ 85204