Chelsea Spaulding

Therapy can be a scary and daunting undertaking as it asks you to examine the pieces of yourself that are hard to face. Allow Chelsea to come alongside you and be your guide through whatever curve balls life has thrown your way. Working hand-in-hand with you, she can create a safe space for you to achieve whatever goals you want to accomplish. Her approach is an evidenced-based solution-focused and narrative perspective meaning that not only are you the expert in your own life but you also have everything inside of you to change your life. She has work experience with adolescents, individuals, couples, and families. 

Working with Individuals

Chelsea believes that everyone’s story has meaning and you can be the author of your own life. She has experience working with anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. She also utilizes Dialectical Behavior Therapy in treating anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills teach distress tolerance, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness to promote positive behavioral changes in day-to-day life. DBT skills aim to give you control over your emotions and are effective in managing crises. 

Working with Adolescents

Adolescents have a lot going on these days with peer relationships, parental relationships, and generally wanting to feel seen and heard. Often the adolescent trying to find their way creates tension in the home and it can feel like an unwinnable battle between parent and child(ren). Allow Chelsea to come alongside them and create a safe space for adolescents to process big emotions, and life events, and better improve their relationships in life.  

Working with Couples

Chelsea enjoys working with couples immensely. Creating a safe space where couples can both come to the table openly and honestly is something she strives for in her sessions. Often, she will have couples come to her feeling more like roommates than an actual couple. She has training using Gottman techniques to help guide couples back from feeling like roommates to feeling like they are better connected. Other Gottman techniques she uses include conflict resolution, expressing your wants and needs in the relationship, and inspiring hope and confidence back into your relationship. 

The couples she has worked with include high-conflict couples, couples struggling with past trauma, and couples who generally want to better their relationship. 

Education and Background

Chelsea is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Arizona and received her Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Arizona State University.

Scheduling and Insurance

Chelsea currently offers in-person, evenings, and Saturday sessions. Teletherapy sessions if needed. Chelsea is accepting Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. For clients not using insurance, her rate is $100 for individuals and $100 for couples for a 50-minute session. She can also offer a sliding scale if needed. To schedule an appointment with Chelsea, call (602) 753-7793 or email Or click the schedule now button on the homepage.


3048 E. Baseline Rd, Suite 117,
Mesa, AZ 85204

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide counseling, education, and support to individuals, couples and families. To offer a safe environment for them to heal from hurt and overcome challenges in order to lead healthier, happier lives. In addition, to help clients develop the skills necessary to foster and build strong secure connections in their daily lives.

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