Caroline Bailey

Supporting your struggling teen

Almost half of teens in the United States are dealing with a mental health concern, and this does not include the pressure and struggles teens face every day. In fact, these last several years have been particularly difficult, especially for teens, who have faced and continue to face challenges generations before have never had to …

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New Year, New Beginnings

With each new year comes new beginnings. Every new year is the time to start anew, to see the days, weeks, and months head of you as an open book, full of numerous possibilities. Thus, the new year is not only an opportunity to change and grow, it is also an opportunity to leave behind …

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Is there such thing as “enough” physical intimacy?

Physical intimacy in a relationship is not just about sex or sexual activities, its about learning how to deeply satisfy and pleasure your partner while also being deeply satisfied and pleasured by your partner. Physical intimacy includes a delicate touch, a longing look, and an understanding of what your partner needs as well as what …

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